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Yuba Mundo Package Special $1,899


Cargo curious, but also looking for a good deal? We’ve been fostering this last remaining Yuba Mundo Cr-Mo for a while, but its really time to find a forever home. To make this transition from our shop to your family easier, we’re adding some great add-ons that will make it painless.

A cargo bike isn’t really much of a cargo bike without some accessories, so we’re including several of our favorites to make your bike useful from day one.

We’ll start off with the Monkey Bars. If you’re looking to keep your passengers safe and seated, this part is essential. We’re also adding some Soft Spots to keep them comfortable.

Speaking of safe and secure, we’re adding a Pin Lock so your bike doesn’t roll away without you (we suggest adding a chain or U-lock of your choice as well).

To cap it all off, this package includes the upgraded Stand Together kickstand, offering some stability in an unstable world.


Purchased separately this would be nearly $2,500 worth of bike and accessories.

Full Package: $1,899. No substitutions, please.

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