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Tune Up and Repair Update 2022

We’re revising our menu of repair services beginning in September 2022. If you’re scheduling a tune with us, here’s what will be changing.

We wanted our service offerings to reflect what we typically see in the shop and to fit your needs as a customer. Like every rider, each bike we service is unique. Our service offerings are changing to reflect this.

For years, our Basic Tune was a one size fits all solution, which addressed the whole bike and treated it the same if it was serviced a year ago, or hadn’t been in a stand since it was assembled 20 years ago. So, we have created three new tune-up packages based on the thousands of bikes we have serviced for the last 10 years. These packages are for the base level of labor only and do not include replacement parts, or additional labor. We’ll communicate our full estimate prior to starting work via text or phone call.

A Comprehensive Tune ($255)  is for the bike that has not been regularly serviced, or needs additional attention. If your bicycle has missed a few service appointments over the years, or is stored outside, this is the one we’ll suggest. Bikes that get this service often need some extra attention and replacement parts like cables, housing, and brake pads. Once this has been completed, we’ll hand it over to you refreshed and ready to be ridden for another year or so, when it can return for an Annual Tune.

Our new Annual Tune ($165) is for the rider who keeps up with regular maintenance and needs minor adjustments and some updated parts. We’ll spend about an hour going through the bike in the stand to get it back into shape for another year of riding. The service will include shifting and braking adjustments, minor bearing adjustments, and a light cleaning of the frame. This tune is best for a bike that is relatively new, or has been maintained regularly throughout the years owned.

We’ll suggest a full Overhaul Tune ($525) for a bike that has had regular maintenance for several years, but needs a complete refresh of major bearings, drivetrain, and other systems. This tune will take several hours and include overhaul or replacement of hub, bottom bracket, and headset bearings. We’ll likely replace your chain and cassette and all cables.

For that special bike that has been sitting for a long time, or has vintage parts a Restoration Tune (starting at $550) might be one we suggest to give it all the attention it needs to bring it back to rideable shape. This is special treatment for your vintage Raleigh 3-speed, or a classic road bike from a time before disc brakes (gasp!). This sort of project will require many hours dedicated to it in the stand and will be given an an individual estimate once we see the bike.

Given that so many of our customers are now riding electric cargo bikes we have a special Cargo/Electric Tune ($285) that includes a software update for Bosch or Shimano systems. Since these bikes see heavy use, we make sure items subject to additional wear, like brake pads and chains get special attention. Prior to dropping off, please remove any seating pads, child seats, and bags that may prevent easy access to drivetrain and braking components.


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