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The Tern HSD

The Tern HSD P9 in Red
The Tern HSD P9 ($3,199)

We’ve been anticipating the arrival of the Tern HSD models in our shop ever since we rode them in August. This e-bike is a pocket rocket. With Suntour front suspension and Bosch Active Line motor, the ride is lively and comfortable. Our first ride was in the cul-de-sacs of sunny Los Angeles, where we kept circling in ever tighter turns, impressed with the performance and agility.

Cargo capability is built in with up to 132 pounds of capacity. With room for one passenger on the rear, this mini-GSD is a perfect city commuter. The 9 speed P9 version and internally geared s8i will be available in the shop mid-December of 2019. The S+ ($5,199) with auto-shifting Enviolo hub will come out in early 2020.

We cannot overstate how incredible the S+ model with automatic shifting is. Starting off from a stationary position, the bike shifts into a low ratio and adjusts to your pedal speed to maintain a fixed cadence. We played around with this setting to find a comfortable pace and did not need to change it when encountering hills or changing terrain. When paired with the Performance Line motor from Bosch, this bike astonished us with its smooth, steady application of power.

A Tern HSD S+ in shake metal polish
Tern HSD S+ ($5,199)
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