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The DC E-Bike Incentive Program and Our Quick Haul Sale

During the recent DC Budget Oversight Hearing, DDOT Interim Director Kershbaum testified that nearly 3,000 people had already applied to the E-Bike Incentive Program at that time. With only around 250 slots available for rebates due to the funding, this means that at least 2,750 people won’t be getting access to the “golden ticket” of a voucher.

We knew that this program would be popular, and in anticipation of that we started adding eligible bikes to our inventory.

One of our favorite bikes, the Quick Haul P9, is not eligible for the rebate. As a Class 3 (28mph capable) cargo bike, it does not meet one of the requirements.

So, what can we do for the rest of DC that has been waiting for this rebate program to arrive?

Starting the weekend of April 13th, the Quick Haul P9 will go on a limited sale for $2599.

A flyer for the Quick Haul P9 showing the bike and sale offerings announcing a discount of $300 from $2899 to $2599. This bike debuted at $3299, which means this bike is now $700 off its original price, and $300 off current pricing in other shops.

The P9 has the Performance Line Speed motor, a capable 9 speed drivetrain, and 50kg rear cargo capacity. The adjustable stem and seatpost accommodate riders from 5’3″-6’5″, and down to 4’9″ with an alternative seatpost.

If DC’s E-Bike Incentive Rebate Program started you thinking about a new way of getting around the city, here’s another option that doesn’t require winning the voucher lottery.

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