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Bosch E-Bike Service

The Daily Rider is a certified Bosch E-Bike Service provider. Our service staff are able to diagnose, repair, and replace all parts of a Bosch equipped bicycle. We regularly attend Bosch service seminars to keep us updated on the newest technologies and maintenance procedures. 

We have found that the Bosch system provides reliable assistance for thousands of maintenance-free miles. However, the Bosch system isn’t immune to environmental factors or wear issues. As a certified Bosch E-Bike Service provider, we also are able to offer software updates and set regular maintenance intervals on your e-bike. 

Bosch releases new software updates for their system quarterly. Bosch suggests that owners of these bikes refresh firmware yearly. We advise doing a yearly e-bike maintenance tune as part of regular maintenance. This way, we can clear any error codes, provide details about your riding performance, and suggest tips for getting the most out of your Bosch e-bike. 

Getting an error code on your Bosch e-bike? Give us a call or email to schedule your repair so that we can make a proper diagnosis. Or, drop by the shop any time we’re open. Most problems we have seen are the result of a faulty cable connection, or as a result of wear over time.

If your e-bike is in warranty, we are also an authorized service center to make replacements on a warranty basis. Labor charges for most warranty repairs will apply. We are able to obtain most parts within 48 hours of diagnosis.

Regular maintenance of your Bosch e-bike will extend its service life and may open up new features as updated software is released. 

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The Daily Rider is equipped to service your Bosch bike.

The Tern GSD

href=””>A Tern GSD in grey blue in front of a brick wall with graffiti

   Tern GSD

The cargo bike that redefined the category.

Since 2018, this bike has been one of our most popular bikes in the shop. It simply outperforms bikes that came before it, and has spawned countless imitators.

As one of Washington, DC’s Tern dealers, we have been huge fans of the GSD since it was introduced. Our customers have put thousands of miles on these bikes and used them for the school run, everyday shopping, and everything else in between.

If you’re considering becoming a car-lite or car-free family, consider checking out the Tern GSD as a substitute. As Washington, DC becomes more bike-friendly and continues to add infrastructure we have seen new GSD riders become bike evangelists in a rather short time.

Please visit our shop at 600 H St. NE to take a test ride of one of our in stock models.

Questions about what accessories you should add to carry passengers or cargo? Drop us a line and we’ll set you up with all the essentials.



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