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Social Media Changes

We’ve had a tenuous relationship with Facebook in the past, rarely updating, and preferring to communicate on Twitter. The events of the last 24 hours in our home city have made us reconsider what outlets we want to use, and how we should communicate.

We have deleted the official Facebook page for The Daily Rider and it will disappear after their mandatory 14 day waiting period.

We never really “got” Facebook after a certain point, and became frustrated with their limits on engagement. Of course, the company and their leadership have been taken to task in the past for their failure to respond to the platform’s use as a propaganda tool by certain groups. We have kept the Instagram page for the moment, and are aware that their ownership by Facebook makes this statement somewhat hypocritical. What can we say? We like looking at pictures of pretty bikes and cute dogs.

No social media platform has figured out how to perfectly moderate discussion in a way that encourages positive interaction and information sharing. We’re well aware of the limitations and failings of Twitter as well, but feel that we’re able to much better navigate that platform and avoid its darker sides.

We’ll be using this site and Twitter to broadcast relevant updates from the shop. As always, we can be reached via email or phone in the shop for more direct requests.

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