Late July/Early August Update

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Our full service shop is equipped to handle almost any repair need you have. One of the mechanics will go through your bike to assess the problem and offer you the best options for keeping it rolling. Simple repairs like flat fixes and small adjustments can be done on a walk in basis. Tune-ups and major work are scheduled for weekdays.

Note: During COVID-19, procedures may vary. Please check our blog for the latest instructions regarding repair intake.


What does it mean when we talk about a “tune up” of a bike? Bikes are machines that occasionally need adjustment and maintenance. Parts experience wear and other factors that we correct. We’ll ask about the bike, what brings you in with it, and what, if any, problems you would like us to pay attention to. Hearing a strange noise? We’ll want to know. Our mechanics will do an initial assessment and let you know what they find. They will discuss with you what course of action would be best for your bike.

No 1
Basic Tune

Basic Tune


A Basic Tune covers all of
the essentials. It includes:

  • Truing both wheels
  • Adjustment of front & rear derailleurs
  • Adjustment of front & rear brakes
  • Adjustment of headset, bottom bracket, & hub bearings
  • Light cleaning of the frame
No 2
Advanced Tune

Advanced Tune


Includes all features of a
Basic Tune with:

  • Removal & cleaning of all drivetrain parts in parts cleaner
  • Detailed cleaning of the frame
No 3
Full Overhaul Tune

Full Overhaul Tune


Includes all features of an
Advanced Tune with:

  • Complete overhaul of front & rear hubs
  • Overhaul of headset
  • Overhaul of bottom bracket

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