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2021 Tern GSD Introduction

The new 2021 Tern GSD continues to define the compact cargo category. When the original Tern GSD arrived on the scene in 2017, it immediately changed everything for the compact cargo concept. This small electric folding bike quickly became a shop and customer favorite. The shop’s demo has carried patio furniture, mulch, other bikes, and weekly groceries for over a year in our fleet.

The HSD arrived last year, and we immediately saw a number of features on it that we wanted to see on the new 2021 GSD.

The 2021 Tern GSD delivers all of these improvements and things we didn’t even know we wanted.

Anyone who has ridden the Tern GSD with a fully loaded cargo area (or passenger seats) can attest to the stiffness of the frame and absolute solid feel. Tern decided that they needed even more carrying capacity (now 440 pounds) and increased frame rigidity.

New Features on the 2021 Tern GSD

Locking Atlas Kickstand

A new and improved locking Atlas kickstand provides a stable platform for loading and unloading passengers or cargo. The stand’s locking feature is actuated by a lever on the bars. This feature makes getting the bike rolling when fully loaded much easier than before.



2021 Tern GSD Frame Improvements

Integrated lower foot decks and cross-bracing on the new Tern GSD ensure passenger safety and contribute to the feeling of security when carrying heavy loads.






A Tern GSD with a Storm Shield enclosure installed covering the passenger compartment

GSD With Storm Shield installed

Weather-Proof Passenger Compartment

The Tern GSD v.2 adds several new accessories that we’re excited about. Extra wide deck extensions are available for adult passengers and integrate into the all new Clubhouse Fort. This accessory consists of the new Clubhouse, Storm Shield and Storm Box.

With the Clubhouse Fort installed, your passengers will enjoy a warm and dry trip whatever the weather is.


Suntour Suspension Fork and Abus wheel lock installed on Tern GSD

Abus wheel lock and Suntour suspension fork

Suspension and Security

The new 2021 Tern GSD borrows one of the best features from its little brother, the HSD. Our first ride on that bike had us asking for the Suntour fork to be added to a new GSD once it arrived. Tern has granted our wish for squish and added an extra measure of security by including an Abus wheel lock as standard.



Reserve a GSD Now:

If the 2021 Tern GSD is the bike for you, you can be added to our list to be contacted once it arrives in early Spring. We’ll be bringing in a demo bike for those that wish to test ride as soon as they become available.






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