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December Update

With expanded guidance related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our operations to keep our staff and customers safe. While we previously operated in a “zero-contact” manner, we are allowing brief interactions with customers outside. We require masks to be worn when interacting with our staff outside. Please call or text when arriving.

The effects of the bike boom in the US has bike shops and manufacturers trying hard to keep up. We’re in the same situation and are taking steps to ensure that we can complete the repairs we’re taking on.

Schedule a repair by email or phone call:

Our current first available repair date has come down to less than one week. Please call or email for an appointment. All major repairs are being scheduled in this manner. If you couldn’t get in this summer when we had a month wait, this is your time.

We now offer limited day-of repairs for minor issues such as flat tires. We take them each day on a first-call, first-serve basis. These will be accepted until we reach capacity (usually before 11:30AM) and are generally completed the same day.

New Arrivals for December (Updated 12/23)

A blue Marin Donky Jr. in 24" size

Marin Donky Jr. 24″

Marin Donky Jr. 20″






The Marin Donky 16″, 20″, and 24″ bikes all arrived last week and we have a selection of them assembled and ready for pickup this week. These lightweight, aluminum-framed bikes all come with hand brakes. The 20″ and 24″ models have a 6 speed drivetrain for family rides that include hills or keeping up with parents and older siblings.

2021 Marin Fairfax in black

Marin Fairfax 1 in black


The Marin Fairfax 1 became a hot item this year and sold out quickly. We have received an allocation of them in all sizes but are now out of mediums. If you’re shopping for a hybrid, this is one to consider as the folks over at Wirecutter named it the best commuter bike of 2020.



Marin Muirwoods

Marin Muirwoods in Black

Another hybrid that has just arrived is the Marin Muirwoods. These sturdy and capable bikes have steel frames and 29″ wheels with hydraulic disc brakes.We have them available in medium, large, and extra large.




We have two remaining extra-large (21″) Fuji Nevada 1.9   in stock. This basic mountain bike is useful on DC’s streets and capable of handling some off-road detours. The models pictured on the Fuji site are prior year models so paint colors have changed somewhat. See our Instagram page for the actual bikes we have in the shop.

A Celeste clored Biria Citibike 8

Biria Citibike 8 ST



The Biria (Citibike Stepthrough 8) is available in both sizes in celeste, and in small (42cm) in red and black.




Breezer Midtown 1.7 Stepthrough


We have received a full selection of the Breezer Midtown, a new model to us, designed for urban biking. Offered in step-over and stepthrough (pictured), it has wide 27.5″ tires to take on imperfect pavement and to smooth out the ride around town. If you’re looking for a basic bike for fitness riding and transportation or family outings, come take the Midtown for a test ride.


Fuji Rookie 20′

Just in time for the holidays, the Fuji Rookie has arrived! We have this in red, grey, pearl white, and seafoam. If the tree you have isn’t big enough to hide this bike, we can hold it here in the workshop until the night before.




Our selection of electric cargo bikes is decent for the moment, but we are seeing stock shortages there as well in certain sizes.

If you were looking for a Tern HSD, we now have the S8i back in stock as well as the S+, which when we first rode it changed our perception of biking.



This year our entire industry has seen incredible demand for parts and accessories. So many people are taking their old bikes out of storage and riding them. This is great! But it wasn’t anticipated, and our distributors stocked for a normal year. These parts are starting to arrive back in stock, but supplies are limited, so we’re having to compete with every other shop in the US to get at this supply. If you have called another bike store looking for a certain part and they’re out of stock, we are likely out as well. Common parts that we are currently out of and cannot order are:

  • 26″ tubes in presta valve
  • 26″ tires
  • 29″ tubes
  • 7 speed freewheels
  • 7, 8, and 9 speed shifters and derailleurs
  • some basic home repair tools
  • some repair grade wheels


Sunday: 12-4

Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Saturday: 10-6

December Holiday Closures: Closing at 4PM 12/24 and 12/31. Closed 12/25

Have another question? Visit our FAQ

2021 Shop FAQ related to COVID


This FAQ came about during the first COVID outbreak, and as of August 2021 is no longer valid. We accept masked customers in the shop, and provide monthly updates on our blog.


Mostly, we’re keeping this up for historical reference.

Q: Can I come inside the shop to show you a problem my bike is having or to take a look at your bike selection?

A: Unfortunately, we’re not allowing anyone inside the shop except employees or delivery personnel, but we’re able to discuss your problem by phone or provide guidance by text or email.We can take a brief look at your bike outside the shop if you give us a call before coming.

This is a great time to learn about working on your own bike. This series of videos by Park Tool is a great starting point for step by step instructions to common repairs.

Q: So, are you open?

A: We’re working on bikes and taking sales requests by phone, but no customer has been inside of our shop since March.

Q: Do you have any bikes in stock?

A: As we mention above, we have models from several brands available, but this can change rapidly.

Q: When will the bike that I see on your site be in stock?

A:  The Marin Fairfax 1 is in stock now. Fairdale has not given us any estimate on their 2021 plans. Fuji has started shipping us some models but we are not guaranteed quantities or selection.

Q: Can I test ride a bike you have in stock?

A: You can test ride a bike we have in stock by making an appointment with us. Please call or email to set that up. We’ll need to make sure the bike is assembled and ready to ride. Bring your ID and credit card to hand off at the door.

Q: Can I purchase a tube, or other small item from you?

A: Absolutely! We’re taking orders by phone or text (the shop number is text enabled) and put items for pickup outside on the white table by the door.

Q: How does the repair drop-off and pickup procedure work?

On the day of your appointment or the day before, we’ll reach out by text to let you know we’re ready to accept your bike for repair.

Q: How long will you have my bike?

Usually, we like to get your bike back on the day of your appointment, but with this new arrangement we’re not able to assess the condition of bikes prior to doing the repair. Sometimes we discover issues that require parts that we don’t have on hand and need to order. Often, we find things that you may not have seen or noticed. We’ll point them out to you and provide an estimate. Our current turn-around time is between 1-5 days of drop off.

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