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Brooks Saddles and Bag Sale

src=”http://thedailyriderdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Brooks-saddles-and-bags-in-Apollo-small-768×1024.jpg” alt=”A collection of Brooks saddles and bags” class=”wp-image-1135″/>
The classic Brooks saddle is a gift for the cyclist on your list that has everything else.

Shown here: Swift (in brown): $190
Brooks Sale: $169

B17S (in black): $145
Brooks Sale: $119

B17 Women’s Standard (in Honey):$154
Brooks Sale: $129

Like a pair of handmade Italian shoes, the Brooks saddle is an investment in future happiness. People in the store often tap on them and immediately remark that they’re too hard. But after a few weeks of riding something wonderful happens and they become yours for a lifetime. Breaking in a Brooks B17 or Swift isn’t the easiest, but you’ll be rewarded with the legendary comfort that their seats are known for. Ideal for commuting, touring, or even road riding.

Brooks recently introduced a line of waterproof commuter bags. Their Strand Shoulder Bag makes for a comfortable and stylish weekday work carryall. The New Street briefcase takes inspiration from technical luggage but adds the functionality of a bike pannier. Clip this onto your rack for the commute and remove the attachment once arriving at your meeting. Padded interior pockets and reflective details add function and safety.

Brooks New Street briefcase on sale
New Street Briefcase: $200
Brooks Sale: $170

For the end of 2018, we’re placing our line of Brooks saddles and bags on sale for up to 25% off. Come into the shop and see how you can upgrade your bike with a legend.

New Abus helmets,Continental tires, Knog lights

We recently had a chance to see what’s in store for 2019 from a few of our favorite brands. Our distributor took over a pink house on Capitol Hill and invited bike stores from around the region to see what’s new. This sneak peek got us excited for the season to come. Here’s some highlights we can share.

U-Lock 770A SmartX™
This Bluetooth enabled Smart Lock will sound an alarm when it senses certain movements. It makes your phone your key. Also helpful when trying to find where you locked up!

The 770A lock from Abus is a high security keyless solution. Get close enough to the bike and your phone’s bluetooth connection disarms the lock allowing you to pull it apart and ride away without fumbling for keys. A motion sensitive alarm detects tampering and sounds an alert. If it senses continued tampering, a 100 decibel alarm goes off. It is not pleasant to be around and attracts attention. 

Knog curved light
Previous lights from Knog were called “Blinders” but this one really lives up to the name.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph, but this one was really hard to shoot. The new Knog curved lights are brighter than a noonday sun and visible from space. We tested the first claim. 

The curvature of these lights mean you’re visible from all sides. So those drivers you encounter weaving in and out of the bike lanes around H Street while updating their Facebook posts will be alerted to your presence.

These come in both front and rear versions. Look for these in early 2019. 

Abus Viantor helmet in Orange
Abus Viantor Helmet. Lightweight protection for just about $100

We’ve been really impressed in the fit and finish on Abus’ line of helmets the past two years. This year is no exception, with new arrival the Viantor and additions the Pedelec line. 

The Viantor is entry-level in price only. The ventilation and weight combined with its fit make it feel like a helmet at twice the price. We’re going to enjoy seeing how you like this new entry to the Abus line. 

Continental Speed Ride tire
Is this the perfect combination of grip and smooth? Quite possibly. 

No one likes a flat tire. And riders who put in the miles swear by the Continental Gatorskin. We recommend these to anyone that commutes in DC and rides a road bike or hybrid. For riders of a more cross-inspired or gravel bike, the Continental Speed Ride is a good option for grip plus value. Also available is the Speed King, which is a faster rolling mountain tire. This is a good choice for someone who rides in the city most of the time but wants the ability to see some hardpack or gravel once in a while.

Continental Speed King Tires

We’re excited to show off some other things from our friends at Continental, Abus, and Knog as they arrive in 2019. Have a product you don’t see here or in the shop? We’re always able to bring in special requests any time.

Happy Riding!


Our intrepid yogi and shop salesperson Brittany took a trip to Amsterdam this past weekend. Find some of her bikey photos at our account @thedailyriderdc

Small Business Saturday Sale

src=”http://thedailyriderdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SBS-complete-1024×420.jpg” alt=”” class=”wp-image-1084″/>
Save big on all Fuji bikes starting this Friday. Small Business Saturday starts early!
2018 Fuji Absolute

Was: $699

Now: $599

This Saturday, we’re celebrating Small Business Saturday along with our neighbors. Have a coffee at The Wydown, take a look at some books and gift ideas at Solid State Books (we hear there’s hot cider there), and then stop by for a test ride. 

We’re putting all of our winter gear on sale as well. So if you missed our “Wall of Warm” before the cold hit, you’re in luck. Hats, gloves, and Turtle Fur are all included.


Yeah, we’re putting lights on sale.

Never been done before. A lot of people don’t know that. 

Stand by for some specials on kids bikes coming up in the next week. 

I don’t want my bike to get stolen

We don’t want your bike to get stolen either. Which is why you’ll notice a lack of cable locks in our shop and a focus on keeping your bike and accessories secure. 

Let’s take a look at what we can do to make your bike as theft-proof as possible.

Street Parking or Garage?

Before we get to locks and locking accessories, let’s talk about parking your bike on the street. Many restaurants and retail establishments dissuade customers from bringing bikes inside so there’s a possibility that your Yuba is going to have to take dinner al fresco. See if there’s a possibility of bike parking in a nearby garage (required by law in DC) as it is more secure and weather protected than street parking. 

If you’re parking on the street, you may notice a variety of bike racks and fixtures for affixing your fixie. The quality and security of these vary greatly. Ring racks are ubiquitous in DC and are decent security (when correctly installed) and provide simple locking options. Place your bike with your non-drive side (the side without the gears on it) next to the rack. This makes it easier for the next person to use the rack without entangling their bike in yours.

No Rack? What now?

Don’t lock to trees (for their health and your bike’s security) and choose street furniture carefully. Street signs are fine as long as the bike and lock can’t be lifted up and over the top if the sign is missing. Locking to a uniformed police officer is a safe method, but always ask for permission before doing so. Less safe spaces and structures are chain link fences (easily cut) and anything wood (same deal). A good rule to follow is to always lock to something that is harder to defeat than your lock.

We’re going to assume that you already have a good quality U-lock or link lock (like the fine Abus Bordo pictured above), that is long enough to get through both your frame and the fixture you’re locking to. 

Lock through your frame and back wheel or use the “Sheldon” method by going through the rear wheel inside the rear triangle of the frame. Now, attach your second lock.

Wait. Second lock?

Yes. Here’s the thing with wheels. They’re what make your bike move and they’re really easily stolen on most bikes. If you have quick release wheels, consider the new Abus Nutfix wheel locks or a similar solution from Pitlock.

The Pitlock locking skewer will protect your wheels, saddle, and other accessories from disappearing 
The Abus NutFix skewer is a keyless solution

You can also use a second lock to attach between the front wheel and frame. This solution may seem extreme, but you might consider it if you lock up in high theft areas (Metro stations, nightlife destinations) to improve your chances. 

Take some photos

Of course, all of these things can be defeated, so take a moment right now to take a photo of your serial number (its probably underneath your bottom bracket) and store it somewhere safe. As long as we’re talking about preventative measures, register your bike on BikeIndex today. Its free, and an open source solution accessible to anyone with an interest in preventing bike theft. Some pictures of your bike and any distinctive markings or stickers can be posted here as well. 

Reading this too late and your bike has disappeared? We have a post for you as well. 

My Bike was just stolen. What do I do?

We understand. That really sucks.

We started our shop after Beth’s Bianchi Milano was stolen from our shed, so we really know what you’re going through right now. 

Make the call

A Celeste Bianchi Milano
Bianchi Milano. Gone too soon. 

First thing you’re going to want to do is call and make a police report. This can seem like a waste of time, but it is important if you want to make an insurance claim or get it back if it ends up in a police property room. 

Get Online

Bike Index Logo
The wonderful folks at Bikeindex want to help get your bike back. Post a picture and description with dates and locations to get the word out. 

Next, take to the web. Resources like Bike Index and the DC Stolen Bikes Facebook page are great open source ways to get the word out about your missing Mongoose or purloined Pegoretti. Post on your personal Twitter feed and Instagram account. Pictures help. You did have pics of your lovely steed, correct?

Contact local shops

You know who hates bike theft? Bike shop employees! We’ve all seen shady characters pushing bikes through our doors asking how to use the shifters or valves on a bike way too big or too small for them.

So give your local shops a call or email. We put our messages up on our internal Slack channel dedicated to this very issue. We’ve recovered several bikes in the shop and successfully returned them to owners, so don’t lose hope. One bike we recovered had been missing for over a year. 

Set up alerts

Set up alerts on Craigslist , OfferUp and EBay along with other sales sites to see if your disappearing DeRosa makes its way to online commerce.

In our experience, most bikes that show up on these sites do so rather quickly so scan them as soon as possible. If it turns up on one of these you have a few options. One can take the rather unconventional yet effective method of stealing your own bike back like our customer Danny  did a few years ago. We do not endorse this method as it could lead to losing more than your bike in the process. We have heard of DC police setting up sting purchases for these cases, but don’t count on it. 

Find a new friend

After all this is done, you’re going to want to replace your faithful Fairdale , and we know just the shop who can help you out. If you’re looking to prevent this heartache, read our post on bike security procedures

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