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New Brand Introduction: Marin Bikes

class=”aligncenter is-resized”>A Marin Presidio and rider in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Welcoming our newest brand, Marin Bikes. This line of commuter and fitness model bikes fit perfectly into our Washington, DC bike shop.

Next week we’ll be welcoming a new bike brand to the shop. Marin Bikes had their start in California in 1986 when the mountain biking boom was just starting.

Stylish Commuters

2019 Marin Nicasio RC Blue
Marin Nicasio RC in blue. Yours for $899.

For our bike shop, we’ll be focusing on their urban commuter models and fitness bikes. The Fairfax, Presidio, and Muirwoods models all fit well into our lineup. The Nicasio RC pictured below is made for DC. It has large volume 650b tires that defy DDOT’s pothole strewn streets. The color matched fenders prevent road spray, and add a stylish finished look. We would suggest adding an Axiom Journey Disc rack to complete the chic and useful commuter package.

Drop Bar Adventures

Fans of drop bars will also be glad to see the arrival of some allroad models. The Nicasio and Gestalt lines take care of the weekday mission and go out on the weekends as well. Both of these models take the essentials of racks and fenders and sport disc brakes for all-weather conditions. Once we get these in the shop, we’ll have a quick review of them here.

The Nicasio makes sure that every ride is an adventure with the flexibility to take on utility rides or weekend expeditions.

Belt Drive Simplicity

2019 Marin Presidio 3
The 8 speed Marin Presidio 3

We have long been fans of belt drive bikes. Working in a shop, you would think that maintenance would be easy for us, but the last thing we want to do at the end of the day is put another bike in the stand. Having a belt drive and internally geared hub cuts down the task list. So we were happy to see that the Presidio line from Marin included belt drive and internally geared models.

Simple and Durable Steel

Marin Muirwoods
Marin Muirwoods comes in Black or Rasta colors. At $769, this steel street machine is made for city riding.

Your bike becomes a companion. A trusted friend. The Marin Muirwoods takes inspiration from classic mountain bikes and is the perfect platform for building a long term relationship. With hydraulic disc brakes and a wide range 3×9 drivetrain, this bike can take on city streets or gravel trails. Take the long way home, or find an off road shortcut.

Our first Marin bikes will be arriving in store the second week of February 2019. Come in for a test ride then!

New Abus helmets,Continental tires, Knog lights

We recently had a chance to see what’s in store for 2019 from a few of our favorite brands. Our distributor took over a pink house on Capitol Hill and invited bike stores from around the region to see what’s new. This sneak peek got us excited for the season to come. Here’s some highlights we can share.

U-Lock 770A SmartX™
This Bluetooth enabled Smart Lock will sound an alarm when it senses certain movements. It makes your phone your key. Also helpful when trying to find where you locked up!

The 770A lock from Abus is a high security keyless solution. Get close enough to the bike and your phone’s bluetooth connection disarms the lock allowing you to pull it apart and ride away without fumbling for keys. A motion sensitive alarm detects tampering and sounds an alert. If it senses continued tampering, a 100 decibel alarm goes off. It is not pleasant to be around and attracts attention. 

Knog curved light
Previous lights from Knog were called “Blinders” but this one really lives up to the name.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph, but this one was really hard to shoot. The new Knog curved lights are brighter than a noonday sun and visible from space. We tested the first claim. 

The curvature of these lights mean you’re visible from all sides. So those drivers you encounter weaving in and out of the bike lanes around H Street while updating their Facebook posts will be alerted to your presence.

These come in both front and rear versions. Look for these in early 2019. 

Abus Viantor helmet in Orange
Abus Viantor Helmet. Lightweight protection for just about $100

We’ve been really impressed in the fit and finish on Abus’ line of helmets the past two years. This year is no exception, with new arrival the Viantor and additions the Pedelec line. 

The Viantor is entry-level in price only. The ventilation and weight combined with its fit make it feel like a helmet at twice the price. We’re going to enjoy seeing how you like this new entry to the Abus line. 

Continental Speed Ride tire
Is this the perfect combination of grip and smooth? Quite possibly. 

No one likes a flat tire. And riders who put in the miles swear by the Continental Gatorskin. We recommend these to anyone that commutes in DC and rides a road bike or hybrid. For riders of a more cross-inspired or gravel bike, the Continental Speed Ride is a good option for grip plus value. Also available is the Speed King, which is a faster rolling mountain tire. This is a good choice for someone who rides in the city most of the time but wants the ability to see some hardpack or gravel once in a while.

Continental Speed King Tires

We’re excited to show off some other things from our friends at Continental, Abus, and Knog as they arrive in 2019. Have a product you don’t see here or in the shop? We’re always able to bring in special requests any time.

Happy Riding!

The Tern GSD

src=”×320.jpg” alt=”Tern GSD Orange” class=”wp-image-929″/>
The Tern GSD folding cargo bike is shown here with Lower Sidekick deck ($50), a Shortbed  rear tray ($120), Cargo Hold panniers ($150), and a  Transporteur Rack ($120)

           2018’s Most Anticipated Cargo Bike

If you’ve been looking for the Tern GSD recently, you may have already searched far and wide. As one of Washington, DC’s Tern dealers, we have some arriving soon. This electric cargo bike is earning rave reviews from places like Wired and Bicycling Magazine. If you already know you want one, please enter your email address below so we can put you on the list:

Tern GSD Contact

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