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Sales and Service Update 3/27/20

Our shop continuesto operate under “zero contact” procedures with a single mechanic in the shop. Repairs are progressing but our calendar is filling. We know the nice weather is coming, so get into our queue now. As always, text methods keep our phone line open and allow us to keep better track of incoming things. Our shop phone number (202) 396-0704, is text-enabled. We are also able to book by email. info@thedailyriderdc.com

Repair Update

Our schedule of repairs is currently booking for April 9th, 2020. We are having decent success with our pickup and dropoff procedures. We are still unable to do any same day repairs until we are able to allow multiple staff into the shop at the same time.

Sales and Delivery Update

We remain closed for walk-in sales but have had success with our Pelican case outside for small packages. Anything under the size of a helmet will fit inside and can be ordered by phone or email. For larger items, things we might not stock, or even just to support us and not leave your home a few of our distributors have temporarily allowed drop shipments of product directly to our customers. Since we receive orders next day, you can expect the sam turn-around as long as orders are placed by 3PM.

If you would like to make your Spring order of new tires, tools, or cleaning supplies take a look at what wonderful things you can find on these links. For pricing, contact us and we’ll give you a quote. We are at MSRP for most items.

Between these three distributors we can offer next-day delivery on almost any bike part or accessory you can think of. Need assistance on finding something you need? Email or text us and we’ll find something that will work. The QBP link will not allow you to see products offered, but the J&B and Hawley links will allow you to browse their catalogues.




Hawley Lambert





Service and Sales Update 3/23/20

With the Mayor’srequest that people limit their travel outside their homes, our current understanding is that we can remain open in the “zero contact” manner we have been operating in the last week. So many of you have called or messaged with kind words of encouragement. Thank you all. We’ll get through this.

Repair Update

We continue to work through the schedule of repairs that we have booked this week. Our current next available appointment is March 31st (as of March 23rd) although we are instituting procedures that will allow us some more capacity to handle the volume.

It has become apparent that small repairs to get people moving (flat tires, wheel trues) are in demand as always. We must balance our ability to work through our schedule against the procedures we have to keep our employees and you safe. Therefore, for repairs under $50, we are instituting a $15 flat fee for cleaning and sanitizing as we’re spending additional time doing this to each bike as it enters and leaves the shop.

Pickup and Delivery

We had our first trial run of pickup on Sunday the 22nd with our Pelican case serving as locker. The case is sanitized after we place a bag inside, but please understand it is on public space, and is left exposed.

For small parts and tubes or accessories, give us a text message (202) 396-0704 or a call with your request and we’ll attempt to fill it. You will be given the lockbox code, pick out the key for the padlock on the Pelican case to the right side of our door (facing the door) and remove your bag marked with your name.

The current situation does not seem like it will abate and so we have approached a local vending company about installing a machine outside of our shop. More details about that to come.

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