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Founder of Fairdale Taj Mihelich spent 18 years racing BMX and his bikes reflect that background. These bikes are simple, fun, and solid. They do well in DC for people looking to get from point A to point B while enjoying the trip or just taking an everyday adventure.


One of the early pioneers of the Gates belt drive system, Spot bikes are completely clean and free of typical maintenance.


For 35 years Joe Breeze has been leading
the way in bicycle trends.


Originally a German brand, Biria combines
classic appeal with modern style.

Larry vs. Harry

Born in Copenhagen, the Bullitt cargobike takes inspiration from the “Long John” style of freight bicycle.


The original “Dutch Bike”. Seen carting groceries, multiple children, or a passenger on the “girlfriend seat”, these bikes are ubiquitous in Amsterdam.


Parents, surfers, contractors…
your cargo bike has arrived!


Looking to fit a bike into your life but
don’t think you have the space?


Take this bike and make it your own.


Soma defines themselves as a company for “everyday cyclists”, which for some reason seems familiar.

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